Vitamin For Dry Skin

The face looked fresh and fast in the more mature age of course, is every woman’s desires and the various businesses ranging from medical to natural is often tested for face still looks young. In recent years, widespread talk about a new method of quick and easy way to get the youthful face of the injection of vitamin C.

Over time, the efficacy of vitamin C is no longer limited to treating thrush, but vitamin C is also believed to be one antioxidants materials that can prevent adverse effects resulting from free radicals.

Injections of vitamin C is considered more effective in achieving the target, due directly to blood vessels in the arm. Ascorbic acid contained in the vitamin C is believed to have great influence for the body and dry skin.

The dose used in this method is generally very syringe with a frequency of one to two times a week, and the change is usually seen as entering the fourth week. Further methods of vitamin C injections can be done once a month depending on demand.

Like other medical techniques, injections of vitamin C recommended by medical experts. Because the fault injection or non-sterile needles can lead to allergies. Of course you do not want the time and costs already incurred useless right?

When vitamin C is given adequate to the skin cells, there is a good chance to reduce wrinkles and improve skin surface until the refinement can rejuvenate the skin, and this is intended as a youthful skin looks more fresh.

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