Using homeopathic remedies to treat kids

Homeopathic remedies can be of great help when a child is off color. and can be invaluable in first aid instances also. Note, however, that medical help should be sought if in doubt or in an emergency situation, and that homeopathic remedies cannot be made at home. Remedies come in the form of small pills, grains or powders, liquids, tinctures and creams. Children often respond very favorably to homeopathy but as you cannot ask babies and children many if any questions about how they feel you will have to rely upon close accurate observations.

Homeopathic remedies can be bought at pharmacies which specialize in homeopathic medicines. Some pharmacies offer consultations over the phone or across the counter. This is great if you require help about which remedy is best for certain situations. The pharmacist may ask about the child’s symptoms, including their emotional state, which side the pain is on in the case of ear, tooth-ache. Is the cough dry and barking for example or does the child have a runny nose and eyes. These are just some questions that the pharmacist could ask so as to provide a more accurate symptom picture and help to decide upon the most fitting remedy.

It is a good idea to have a first aid remedy box at home with a homeopathic self help book with it. Here are some remedies you might want to buy.

Aconite: This is a great remedy for shock and if given within the first twenty four to forty eight hours of an illness starting it can prevent it from getting worse and even relieve all symptoms. Aconite is best for sudden onset, acute and intense symptoms. The patient might also be restless and anxious. A sore throat or beginning of a cold might respond well if aconite is given immediately. 30C is a good potency to have.

Arnica: This is a most effective remedy for soft tissue injury, bruising and also shock. Arnica also helps aching muscles, bleeding, flu and sleeplessness. It can help if the child feels sore, has bruises, strains or sprains. Potency 30C. Arnica cream can be applied to bruises but never put the cream onto broken skin (skin that is cut, grazed or burnt).

Arsen Alb. 30C: This is an excellent remedy for slight food poisoning. If the child has mild diarrhea and vomiting and possibly stomach cramps then this remedy can bring great relief. Never let this condition get worse or go on for long without getting medical attention.

Belladonna 30C: This is recommended for acute inflammations, red throbbing burning pains, high temperatures, a red face, little or no thirst. The child may be drowsy or irritable.

Chamomilla: Recommended for teething, colic, green diarrhea, or when the child is very irritable, easily angered and possibly inconsolable. One cheek may be red the other pale.

Gelsemium: This can bring relief from shivery conditions and chills that run up and down the spine. It is also good for nervousness, stage fright, fear of flying.

There are many more remedies but these are a few of the most common ones that can be used to great effect. Always seek the advice of a medic in severe and/or emergency situations.

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